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Fire Detection
& Suppression Systems

ITM Solutions offer clients first-world fire risk management solutions. We design, engineer, fabricate and install accredited and insurance-approved fire detection and suppression systems for fixed and mobile resources. Additionally, we offer clients ongoing maintenance contracts for new and existing installations.

Fire Suppression System

Integrated Facilities Management

Our team of integration specialists are well positioned to provide sustainable smart technologies to facilities. Access control, biometrics, time and attendance and thermal monitoring are some of the technologies we deploy to various sites.

Milling and Processing Plants/Components

Working in conjunction with world-class engineers and fabricators, ITM Solutions undertakes and project manages the design, development and installation of milling / processing infrastructure.

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We are about engineering solutions. Our teams of experienced professionals draw on extensive experience to develop solutions that are both sustainable and objective. Our ability to achieve deliverables under challenging constraints, is what sets us apart. We provide turnkey solutions, thereby allowing clients to focus on their core business activities. Contact us to resolve your industry requirements.

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